Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How To join the "Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace"

1.Download Tor Vidalia Bundle here:

2.Install TOR

3. Open TOR and go to this NEW "Silk Road" adress:
Down below of the empty login field just press on the green words "click here to join". Than you come to the registration site.

4.Go to "Register" and create account

5.To buy something at Silk Road you neet Bitcoins, so go to any shop in your region and exchange money into Bitcoins,for example here:

7.Before you buy any item read the Silk Road Buyer's Guide.
Buyer´s Guide Silk Road Facebook:

8.If you want to be "100% Safe" you have to encrypt your delivery adress with PGP Encryption
PGP Download:
How to use PGP Video:
Very Good Silk Road Guide:

To order from Silk Road is 100% SAFE because
the system of Silk Road exists of these 3 components:
1. TOR ( anonymous browser)
2. Bitcoin (Anonymous method to payment)
3. PGP (Program to encode delivery adress)

"Like" Silk Road on Facebook:

How to access the Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace through TOR

More Information:
Silk Road Buyer´s Guide´s:

Silk Road Wikipedia

PGP Encryption Wikipedia

PGP Download:
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